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Last updated 29 May 2019

For a trust, a trustee or public officer must sign and date the declaration.

Hours taken to prepare and complete this tax return

We are committed to reducing the costs involved in complying with your taxation obligations, by completing this item you will help us to monitor these costs as closely as possible. Your response is voluntary.

When completing this item consider the time, rounded up to the nearest hour, that you spent:

  • reading the instructions
  • collecting the necessary information to complete this tax return
  • making any necessary calculations
  • actually completing this tax return, or putting the tax affairs of your business in order so that the information could be handed to your tax agent.

The answer should relate to the time the trustee and tax agent spent in preparing and completing the tax return, including the time spent by any other person who assisted with this, such as an employee.

Tax agents

If you are preparing this tax return on behalf of your client, include your time and a reliable estimate of their time.