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Information to be kept by investors

You need to be able to provide information if the ATO requests it.

Last updated 12 June 2003

You need to be able to provide the following information if the ATO requests it:

  • the title or proposed title of the film
  • the date of issue of the provisional certificate or, if the film has been completed, of the final certificate
  • the number of the certificate
  • the completion date or proposed completion date of the film
  • details of your contribution or expenditure, including:
    • the date of any contract under which you made the expenditure
    • the date and the amount you paid
    • the name and address of the person you paid
    • whether you paid the amount in place of an underwriter
  • details of your interest or expected interest in the copyright arising out of your expenditure on the film
  • details of all income derived from the film, including any amounts you received or will receive from the disposal of all or part of your interest in the film's copyright
  • if the film has not been completed, details of arrangements or proposals under which you may expect to derive income from the film
  • the name and address of the entity producing the film
  • the name and address of the person who lodged or will lodge the necessary declaration in relation to the film
  • the tax office at which the declaration was or will be lodged
  • if a claim for a deduction is for any amount paid by a partnership of which you are a partner:
    • the name and tax file number of the partnership
    • the tax office where the tax return of the partnership was or will be lodged.