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Capital proceeds received in instalments

Last updated 29 March 2021

If a company or trust receives the capital proceeds from a CGT event in instalments and chooses the retirement exemption, it must make a payment to at least one of its concession stakeholders on receipt of each instalment, up to the CGT exempt amount. As mentioned earlier, the payment must be made by the later of seven days after the choice is made or seven days after an instalment of the capital proceeds is received.

In this situation, the total amount of each instalment must be paid until the total of the payments equals the capital gain being disregarded. In other words, the requirement to make a payment must be satisfied to the greatest extent possible out of the initial instalments, rather than in some other way, such as an apportionment across all the instalments received.

If an individual receives capital proceeds in instalments, each instalment is treated as a separate payment. This means that each instalment is looked at separately and in succession in applying the exemption up to the individual’s CGT exempt amount.