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Last updated 5 October 2009


To get any publication referred to in this book:

  • visit the ATO website at

Publications referred to in this book include:

For more information about capital gains tax, you can:

  • access the ATO's e-tax 2002 software package which has a module that includes a calculator for capital gains and capital losses
  • get the shorter, simpler Personal investors guide to capital gains tax which covers the sale of shares, units and distributions from managed funds and is designed mainly for individuals
  • download fact sheets and other information from the ATO website at
  • ring the ATO on 13 28 61
  • ring the ATO's business inquiries line on 13 24 78 or
  • seek advice from a professional tax adviser.

If you do not speak English and need help from the ATO, ring the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 13 14 50.

People with a hearing or speech impairment can ring the Telephone Typewriter Service on 1300 130 478.


This guide is designed to help you work out whether any of the assets you own (or may own in the future), and whether other events that happen to you will be subject to capital gains tax (CGT). It tells you how to work out your capital gain or capital loss. It also covers what records you need to keep.


You may wish to use CGT worksheets to help you keep track of your records and make sure you pay no more CGT than necessary.

There is a Capital gain or capital loss worksheetThis link will download a file provided in this guide that you may wish to use to work out your capital gain or capital loss for each capital gains tax 'event'. There is also a CGT summary worksheetThis link will download a file that helps you summarise your capital gains and capital losses to produce the final net amount you need to include on your tax return. You can print out these forms and complete them as you work through the guide.