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About this guide

Last updated 3 March 2016

This guide is designed for individuals, companies, trusts and funds completing paper-based income tax returns. It explains how capital gains tax works and will help you calculate your net capital gain or net capital loss for 2003–04 so you can meet your capital gains tax obligations. There are worksheets at the back of the guide to help you do this.

Companies, trusts and superannuation funds with capital gains tax obligations over a certain threshold must complete a Capital gains tax (CGT) schedule 2004.

Use part C of this guide to find out how to complete your worksheets, tax return labels and (if you are over the threshold) the CGT schedule.

If you have an enquiry relating to your circumstances which this publication does not cover, phone the Personal Tax Infoline on 13 28 61 or get help from a recognised tax adviser.

Note: Individuals may prefer to use the shorter, simpler Personal investors guide to capital gains tax 2003-04 if, during 2003–04, they only:

  • sold some shares
  • sold some units in a managed fund, and/or
  • received a distribution of a capital gain from a managed fund.