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Changed treatment of intellectual property

Last updated 3 March 2016

Intellectual property is a depreciating asset for the purposes of the UCA. Under this system, the former special treatment for partial realisations of intellectual property no longer applies.

If you grant or assign an interest in an item of intellectual property, you are treated as if you had stopped holding part of the item. You are also treated as if, just before you stop holding that part, you had split the original item of intellectual property into two parts, the part you stopped holding and the rest of the original item. You determine a first element of the cost for each part.

This treatment applies if a licence is granted over an item of intellectual property. To this extent, the treatment of intellectual property is different from other depreciating assets. The grant of a licence in respect of other depreciating assets would result in CGT event D1 (about creating contractual rights) happening.