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Non-assessable payments from a unit trust (CGT event E4)

Last updated 3 March 2016

It is quite common for a unit trust to make non-assessable payments to unit holders. Your CGT obligations in this situation are explained in chapter 4.

When you sell the units, you must adjust their cost base and reduced cost base. The amount of the adjustment is based on the amount of non-assessable payments you received during the income year up to the date of sale. You use the adjusted cost base and reduced cost base to work out your capital gain or capital loss.

Non-assessable payments under a demerger

If you receive a non-assessable payment under an eligible demerger, you do not deduct the payment from the cost base and the reduced cost base of your shares or units. Instead you adjust your cost base and reduced cost base under the demerger rules. You may make a capital gain in respect of the non-assessable payment if it exceeds the cost base of your original share or unit, although you will be able to choose CGT rollover.

An eligible demerger is one that happens on or after 1 July 2002 and satisfies certain tests. The head entity will normally advise shareholders or unit holders if this is the case.

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