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Part B: Current year capital losses (CYCL), other than from collectables

Last updated 3 March 2016

In part B you show any current year capital losses your entity has made from:

  • shares and units (in unit trusts) at A
  • real estate at B, and
  • other CGT assets and any other CGT events at C.

The total is shown at D.

You can transfer these from your Capital gain or capital loss worksheets.

If your entity does not have any current year capital losses (other than from collectables), go to part D.

Do not include any capital loss made from personal use assets at C Other CGT assets and any other CGT events. Capital losses from personal use assets are disregarded and cannot be applied to reduce capital gains.

Capital losses made from collectables are not shown in part B – they should have been shown in part A2.

Now go straight to part D – there is no part C in this worksheet.