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Part F: CGT discount on capital gains

Last updated 3 March 2016

In part F you apply the CGT discount.

Does your entity have a capital gain at Capital gains – discount method (B or E) in part E?


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CGT discount

Companies are not eligible for the CGT discount unless they are life insurance companies or friendly societies that carry on life insurance business. These companies may be entitled to the CGT discount in relation to their complying superannuation business.

Next, calculate the CGT discount that applies to the capital gains at B and E in part E. The CGT discount percentage is:

  • 33⅓% for complying superannuation entities, or
  • 50% for individuals and trusts.

Show the amount of the CGT discount at J and K in part F.

Show the amount of your remaining capital gains at 6A to 6F in part F.