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Steps you need to take

Last updated 16 June 2019

The completion of the CGT labels on your entity’s 2019 tax return involves:

  • a three-step process (for entities with capital gains or capital losses under the $10,000 threshold)
  • a four-step process (for entities with capital gains or capital losses over the $10,000 threshold), or
  • a four-step process if you are a superannuation fund (or pooled superannuation trust) recognising a capital gain in 2018-19 that was deferred in 2016–17 under the transitional CGT relief.

Step 1

Calculate the capital gain or capital loss for each CGT event that happens during 2018–19 using the Capital gain or capital loss worksheet.

Step 2

Calculate the net capital gain for 2018–19 or net capital losses carried forward to later income years using the CGT summary worksheet.

Step 3

Complete the capital gains item on your entity’s tax return.

Step 4

If required, complete a CGT schedule. If you have chosen to apply transitional CGT relief in 2016–17 and a realisation event occurred in 2018-19, you must complete a CGT schedule.