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Part A – About capital gains tax

Last updated 9 July 2023

Explains capital gains tax obligations including if it applies, how to work it out and what records you need to keep.

Does capital gains tax apply to you?
General background information about CGT, whether and how it applies to you.

How to work out your capital gain or capital loss
Explains how to work out each capital gain or capital loss you made during 2022–23.

Keeping records
Check what records will help you correctly work out the amount of capital gain or loss you have made from a CGT event.

Trust distributions
Explains how distributions from trusts (including managed funds) can affect your CGT position.

Investments in shares and units
Explains your CGT obligations if you sold or disposed of any shares or units in a unit trust in the 2022–23 income year.

Forestry managed investment scheme interests
Explains your CGT obligations if you sold or otherwise disposed of your forestry interests in 2022–23.

CGT and the TOFA rules
Explains the key provisions of the TOFA rules found in Division 230 of the ITAA 1997.

Real estate and main residence
Explains your CGT obligations for real estate. The CGT exemption for a main residence is also explained.

Loss, destruction or compulsory acquisition of an asset
Explains your CGT obligations if your CGT asset is lost, destroyed or compulsorily acquired.

Marriage or relationship breakdown
Explains your CGT obligations if your marriage or relationship ended on or after 20 September 1985.

Deceased estates
Rules that apply if you're a deceased person's legal personal representative or a beneficiary of a deceased estate.

Earnout and deferred consideration arrangements
Explains what earnout and deferred consideration arrangements are.