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Last updated 5 October 2009

Small business concessions

If you are involved in the sale of shares or units in relation to a small business, you may wish to get the publication Guide to capital gains tax concessions for small business.

Investments in foreign hybrids

If you have an investment in a foreign hybrid, the Government has introduced Bills into Parliament which will change the tax treatment from 1 July 2003 or optionally from 1 July 2002. A foreign hybrid is an entity that was taxed in Australia as a company but taxed overseas as a partnership. When the change becomes law more information will be available on our website at

General value shifting regime (GVSR)

If you own shares in a company or units (or other fixed interests) in a trust and value has been shifted in or out of your shares or units, you may be affected by value shifting rules. Generally, the rules only affect individuals who control the company or trust, or individuals who are related to individuals or entities that control the company or trust.

For more information, see the publication General value shifting regime – who it affects.

New terms

We may use some terms that are not familiar to you. These words are explained in Explanation of terms.

If this guide does not fully cover your circumstances, please: