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Company information

Last updated 23 February 2021

Tax file number (TFN)

Write the TFN of the company in the boxes provided.

Information for consolidated and multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups

The head company of a consolidated or MEC group continues to use its existing TFN.

End of example

If the company has not previously been allocated a TFN, see First company tax return.

Name of company

When recording the name of the company entity:

  • print the company name exactly as it appears on the company certificate of incorporation
  • for subsequent tax returns, ensure that the company name is consistent from year to year unless the name changes.

If the company name is legally changed, notify us in writing of the change at the time the change is made. Print on the tax return the current company name as registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).

Information for consolidated and multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups

For a consolidated or MEC group, use the head company’s name

End of example

Australian business number (ABN)

We are authorised by the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 and other taxation laws to collect certain information relating to your entity. We may use business details supplied on the tax return to update the information held in the Australian Business Register (ABR) in relation to your entity. This may include cancelling the ABN if your entity is no longer entitled to be registered in the ABR.

Where authorised by law, selected information on the ABR may be made publicly available and some may be passed on to other Commonwealth, state, territory and local government agencies. These agencies may use ABR information for purposes authorised by their legislation or for carrying out other functions of their agency. Examples of possible uses include registration, reporting, compliance, validation and updating of databases.

You can find details of agencies that regularly receive information from the ABR at External Linkor you can phone us on 13 92 26 between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday to have a list of the agencies sent to you.

For more information about privacy, the information we collect and how it may be used, see our Privacy statementExternal Link.

Write the ABN of the company in the boxes provided if the company is registered on the Australian Business Register (ABR).

Information for consolidated and multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups

For a consolidated or MEC group, write the ABN of the head company.

End of example

It is important to use the correct ABN to avoid delays in processing the tax return.

Previous name of company, current and previous postal address

Follow the instructions on the Company tax return 2016 for the following items:

Use C/- when ‘care of’ is part of an address. It is the only acceptable format. Using any other term will delay the processing of the tax return.

Business address of main business

Print the street address of the main business. It is the place where most of the business decisions are made.

Information for consolidated and multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups

For a consolidated or MEC group, print the business address of the head company

End of example

Final tax return

If there will be no requirement for the company to lodge tax returns in future years, print X in the Yes box at this item. Otherwise print X in the No box.

Information for consolidated and multiple entry consolidated (MEC) groups

Subsidiary members of consolidated or MEC groups should not print X in the Yes box if membership of the consolidated or MEC group is the only basis on which the company will not be required to lodge future tax returns.

End of example

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Direct refund

We need your financial institution details to pay any refund owing to you, even if you provided them to us before.

Complete the following:

  • Bank State Branch (BSB) number. This six-digit number identifies the financial institution (do not include spaces or hyphens).
  • Account number. This should not have more than nine characters (do not include spaces).
  • Account name. In most cases, your account name should be shown on your bank account records. It should include spaces between each word and between initials. If your account name exceeds 32 characters, provide the first 32 characters only.

Items 1, 2 and 3

The information you include at items 1, 2 and 3, along with certain income labels, will be used to identify entities for inclusion in the Report of entity tax information.