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Last updated 15 February 2022

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Tax agent’s declaration

If the tax agent is a partnership or a company, this declaration must be signed by a person authorised by that partnership or company to sign on its behalf. Print that person’s name at this item also.

Public officer’s declaration

The public officer is responsible for doing all things required by the company under section 252 of the ITAA 1936or the ITR 1936. In the case of default, the public officer is liable to the same penalties; for example, the public officer is responsible for lodging the company tax return. If the tax return is lodged late, the public officer may be liable for a failure to lodge on time penalty.

Include in the declaration a signature, date, name, title and telephone number for the public officer.

Hours taken to prepare and complete this tax return

We are committed to reducing the costs involved in complying with your taxation obligations. By completing J you will help us to monitor these costs as closely as possible. Your response to this question is voluntary.

When completing this question consider the time, rounded up to the nearest hour, that your business spent:

  • reading the instructions
  • collecting the necessary information to complete this tax return
  • making any necessary calculations
  • completing this tax return and putting the tax affairs of your business in order so the information can be handed to your tax agent.

The answer should relate to the time both you and your tax agent spent in preparing and completing your tax return. This includes the time spent by any other person whose assistance was obtained in doing this, such as an employee.

If you are preparing this tax return on behalf of your client, consult with your client to obtain a reliable estimate.

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