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Applying for compensation

Any individual or organisation can apply to us for compensation. Find out how to apply and how we assess claims.

Last updated 22 December 2022

You can apply for compensation from us if:

  • our actions give rise to a legal liability (for example, negligence)
  • you have financial losses caused by our defective administration.

Claims for defective administration are covered by the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration Scheme (CDDA Scheme).

Any individual, company or other organisation can submit an application for compensation. You can do this yourself or through a third party, such as a lawyer or registered tax professional.

Read the information in this document to understand the process and what you can claim for. To apply, complete the Compensation application form (below). Attach all relevant documentation to support your claim. You can email or mail your claim to us at the details on the form.

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