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Treatment of a net capital loss under the capital gains tax provisions

Last updated 4 December 2006

In working out taxable income, capital losses are offset against capital gains to determine the net capital gain to include in assessable income. Where there is a net capital loss, you cannot use the loss to reduce assessable income. The same rules apply in working out attributable income.

A CFC cannot use a net capital loss under the CGT provisions to reduce its notional assessable income. It can only carry the loss forward for offset against capital gains in subsequent years.

You cannot transfer a loss, for example, you cannot use the loss of one CFC to reduce the notional assessable income of another CFC or your own assessable income.

In working out attributable income you cannot take into account a capital loss incurred on the disposal of an asset where the disposal occurred before 1 July 1990.

Where a company becomes a CFC after 30 June 1995, asset disposals made before it became a CFC are not taken into account when working out attributable income.

This ensures that a capital loss is not available where it is incurred prior to a company becoming a CFC.