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Working out the amount to include in assessable income

Last updated 26 May 2005

To work out the FIF income, multiply the calculated profit of a FIF for a notional accounting period by your attribution percentage in the FIF at the end of that period. [sections 580 and 582]

Taxpayer's share of FIF income = Calculated profit × attribution percentage

The FIF income is included in your assessable income subject to reduction by certain assessable distributions from the FIF. See Chapter 6: Avoiding double taxation for more information.

Part-year holding

The calculation method allows for an interest in a FIF that you acquired during a notional accounting period. Modify the above formula by multiplying it by the proportion of the number of days throughout the period in which you held the interest.

Start of example


Agostino acquires a 1% interest in a FIF on 1 January. He uses the calculation method and accordingly elects for the notional accounting period of the FIF to be the same as the period for which the FIF makes out its accounts - that is, 1 July to 30 June each year. The calculated profit of the FIF for the period 1 July to 30 June is $A10 million. Agostino would include $A49,589 in his assessable income, worked out as follows:

$A10 million × 1% × (181 ÷ 365) = $A49,589

End of example