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7 Status of fund or trust

Last updated 28 July 2020

Type of fund or trust

Print X in the box that best describes the type of fund or trust at balance date. Mark only one box. The table below may help you determine the type of fund or trust at balance date.

Table 1: Fund or trust type


Categories of funds or trusts


Small APRA fund - a regulated fund administered by APRA that has fewer than five members. This category includes those employer-sponsored or corporate funds that have four or fewer members.


Retail fund - a regulated fund consisting of pooled superannuation sold commercially through intermediaries such as life companies, bank subsidiaries or financial planners. This category includes master trusts, personal superannuation products and public offer funds.


Industry fund - a regulated fund maintained to accept superannuation contributions from unrelated employers in a particular industry.


Corporate fund - a regulated fund sponsored by a single non-government employer or a group of related employers, excluding industry funds.


Eligible rollover fund - a regulated fund or approved deposit fund that is required to treat all members as protected members and every member's benefits as minimum benefits.


Approved deposit fund (ADF) - a regulated fund that can receive, hold and invest certain types of rollovers on certain conditions.


Pooled superannuation trust (PST) - a unit trust in which only the assets of superannuation funds, ADFs and other PSTs can be invested.


Public sector fund - a regulated fund established by or under a law of the Commonwealth, a state or territory, a municipal corporation or another local governing body or public authority constituted by or under a law of the Commonwealth or a state or territory.


Non-regulated fund - a fund that does not satisfy the provisions of section 19 of the SISA.