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C Gross interest

Last updated 12 February 2019

Show at C all the fund's interest income. This amount cannot be a loss.

Even if the TOFA rules apply to the fund, show at C all interest paid or credited to it from any source in Australia. This includes interest from financial arrangements subject to the TOFA rules.


If what you show at C includes an amount brought to account under the TOFA rules, also print X in the Yes box at G Taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) item 16.

End of attention

For more information, see Guide to the taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) rules.

Do not include any interest income derived from foreign sources. Show it at D Net foreign income and D1 Gross foreign income.

Do not include non-share dividends received from holding a non-share equity interest. If the fund holds such an interest, the issuer is obliged to forward a dividend statement with details of the dividends, which should be written at J, K and L item 10 as applicable.

Further Information

More information on non-share dividends and non-share equity interests is in Debt and equity tests: guide to the debt and equity tests.

End of further information

Do not include any interest distributed from a trust. Show it at Q Trust distributions other amounts.

Record keeping

Keep a record of the following:

  • the name and address of borrower
  • the amount received or credited.