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F8 Credit for TFN amounts withheld from payments from closely held trusts

Last updated 12 February 2019

Show at F8 the total amounts withheld from payments where you have not provided your TFN to the trustee of a closely held trust.

Where amounts have been withheld the trustee of a closely held trust is required to provide a beneficiary with a payment summary in the approved format. The credit amount claimed at F8 appears on your payment summary.

Do not include at F8 amounts from any other withholding rules.

Unless the fund is an exempt beneficiary, the trustee of a closely held trust, which is subject to the TFN withholding rules, is required to withhold amounts from payments if the fund did not provide a TFN. The rate of withholding is 46.5% (top rate plus Medicare levy) of the payments made.

For more information about the TFN withholding rules for closely held trusts see TFN withholding for closely held trusts.