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Fund income tax return instructions 2022

For use by funds to assist with completion of Fund income tax return 2022. NAT 71605

Last updated 7 November 2023

Changes to the non-arm’s length income provisionsExternal Link are before Parliament. While not yet law, the proposed application date is 1  July 2018. See our position on retrospective law change proposals.

About these instructions
How these instructions can help you to complete the Fund income tax return 2022.

How to lodge and pay
How to lodge the Fund income tax return and the payment options available.

What’s new?
Find out what's new or has changed before lodging your Fund income tax return.

Instructions to complete the fund income tax return
Instructions for completing the sections of the Fund income tax return.

Get the schedules that you may need to send with your fund income tax return.

General information
Find information to support your lodgment, record keeping, assessments, objections and private rulings for funds.

Find additional information to help you understand and complete certain sections of your Fund income tax return.

For names or technical terms, each abbreviation is spelled out in full the first time it is used.

Publications, legislative references, tax determinations and rulings
Publications and legal references found in these instructions.