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Instructions to complete the fund income tax return

Last updated 25 May 2022

Instructions for completing the sections of the fund income tax return.

Before you start
Find out what you need to know before you start your Fund income tax return 2022.

Section A: Fund information
Deals with general superannuation entity identification and the current status of the fund.

Section B: Income
Deals with all income the fund received, or was entitled to receive, during 2021–22. Don't show cents for any amount.

Section C: Deductions
Deals with all deductions relating to 2021–22. Don't show cents for any amount you write.

Section D: Income tax calculation statement
Deals with the income tax calculation statement. The statement works out the tax liability if there is taxable income.

Section E: Losses
Deals with all losses claimed for 2021–22 at item 13. Do not show cents for any amount you write.

Section F: Other information
Deals with other financial information that the Commissioner has determined is necessary to assess the operation.

Section G: Declarations
All declarations must be signed by the appropriate person.