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Worksheet 4: Working out your partnership business deductions

Last updated 25 May 2016

You must complete worksheet 4 if, on your 2016 tax return, you show:

  • a partnership loss, where the partnership is carrying on a business, at items 13, 19 or 20, or
  • business deductions from partnership income.

Otherwise do not complete worksheet 4. Go to worksheet 5.

Worksheet 4 will help you to complete H item A3 by identifying business deductions related to partnerships.

Include expenses in this worksheet only to the extent that they are related to a partnership that is carrying on business. Do not include expenses already shown as business deductions in worksheet 2.

Step 1 Complete column (b) in worksheet 4 by transferring the appropriate amount from your 2016 tax return for the items listed in column (a).

Step 2 For each amount in column (b) write the amounts in columns (c), (d) or (e) for each partnership. The sum of (c), (d) and (e) must equal (b).

Exclude any deductions that relate to trust distributions.

Worksheet 4: Working out your partnership business deductions


Amount shown that relates to business income

Partnership (1)

Partnership (2)

Partnership (3)


Partnership loss (transferred from Table 3 and Table 5 if so instructed)






Partnership and trusts: landcare and water facilities (included in amount shown at I and J item 13)






Partnership and trusts: other deductions relating to distributions (included in amount shown at X and Y item 13 relating to partnership distribution only).






Other deductions relating to partnership distributions (that you have not shown as business deductions on worksheet 2).





Total business expenses (Total each column.)





Step 3 Transfer the amounts at (j) to (j) worksheet 6, next to the correct partnership.