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Find out what amounts you need to include in which worksheets.

Last updated 24 May 2023

Foreign source income and foreign entities income

If you deducted expenses when you worked out the net foreign source income at question 20, show:

  • the gross foreign income amounts from question 20 – labels E and F in worksheet 1, column (b), row 6
  • the expenses amount you deducted for the amounts shown at question 20 – labels T, L, D, R and M in worksheet 2, column (b), row 7.

If part or all of your foreign source income or foreign entities income is from a partnership, and you included other income of that partnership at question 13, show:

  • the foreign income from the partnership in worksheet 3, row 3, (not in worksheet 1)
  • any related expenses in worksheet 4, row 4 (not in worksheet 2).

Forestry managed investment scheme

If you show amounts for forestry managed investment schemes (FMIS) at question 23 or D14 in your tax return 2023, you need to establish whether:

  • you were an investor in the FMIS
  • you were carrying on a business
  • your investment was solely or jointly owned.

If we issued a product ruling for the FMIS, it could state whether we consider that you are carrying on a business.

Farm management deposits and repayments

If you show amounts for farm management deposits and repayments at question 17, show:

  • the total repayments amount from N and R in worksheet 1, column (b), row 4.
  • the total deductible deposits amount from D in worksheet 2, column (b), row 6

For each worksheet, apportion the total amount in column (b) into columns (c) and (d) depending on the original source of that primary production income. If the income came from:

  • a trust, show it in column (c)
  • you individually, show it in column (d)
  • a partnership, show it in column (d).

Other income

If you show an amount at question 24, you need to include it in worksheet 1. Some of that income might be eligible employment or business income.

Read the definitions of business income, eligible income and employment income in the glossary.

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