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Part B

Last updated 5 October 2009

Use the worksheet in this section to calculate your capital loss if all your HHG plc CDIs were:

  • acquired under the demerger of HHG plc from AMP in December 2003, and
  • cancelled under the restructure.

If this is not the case go to Part C.

Step 1: find the cost base of your HHG plc CDIs.

If you used our AMP demerger materials you will find it:

  • in the report called HHG shares- cost base report, if you used the website calculator
  • in column 20 of the table HHG shares- cost base, if you used the worksheet with the printed fact sheet.

It is also on the information sheets you received from AMP in January and June 2004:

  • June 2004- see item A3
  • January 2004 - see item 1.1 (d)

Step 2: Use worksheet 1 to work out your capital loss.

Worksheet 1

Cost base of HHG plc CDIs (from step 1)



Amount received for cancellation of HHG plc CDIs (see the May 2005 advice you received from the Henderson Group plc)



Subtract (b) from (a). The amount at (c) is your capital loss.



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