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Income averaging for special professionals 2021

Information about types of professional income and how to work out the tax payable with income averaging.

Last updated 26 May 2021

You can income average if you are a special professional such as an author, artist, composer, writer, inventor, performer, production associate or sportsperson. This guide will help explain income averaging.

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Who can income average?

You are eligible for special professional income averaging (a concessional tax treatment) if:

  • you are an individual who is an Australian resident at any time during the income year
  • you are a special professional, and
  • you satisfy the first year requirements (see below) in either the current income year or an earlier income year.

The first year you are eligible for special professional income averaging is the first income year for which the taxable professional income (TPI) you earned as a resident special professional individual is more than $2,500. This is known as year 1.

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