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Question 25

Last updated 7 August 2014

This question requires you to show the amount of debt deductions you claimed under section 25-90 ITAA 1997.

To complete this question you need to ascertain the total amount of debt deductions you have claimed under section 25-90.


You must complete item 25, label B even if you have not claimed debt deductions under section 25-90.

End of attention

At item 25, label B, write the total amount of your debt deductions claimed under section 25-90 of the ITAA 1997 for the income year (costs in relation to a debt interest incurred in deriving non-assessable non-exempt income under section 23AI, 23AJ or 23AK of the ITAA 1936).

If you did not claim any debt deductions under section 25-90 for the income year, write zero at label B.