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International dealings schedule instructions 2021

For use by companies, trusts and partnerships to assist with the completion of 2021 tax returns.

Last updated 7 February 2022

About these instructions

Use these instructions to help you complete the International dealings schedule 2021 (NAT 73345). The international dealings schedule (IDS) forms part of your entity's tax return.

This publication is not a guide to income tax law. The examples presented in the instructions only illustrate how the schedule should be completed and should not be relied upon for technical guidance. If you feel that this publication does not fully cover your circumstances, you should get help from us or a recognised tax adviser.

You can also provide feedback on any difficulties you have in completing the questions in the schedule. We will use this information for future versions of the schedule. To provide this feedback, you can:

What's New

We have updated the International dealings schedule 2021 by:

  • Clarifying the wording of Question 2b (Section A: International related party dealings) – to read ‘Are you a small business entity, not a significant global entity and your international related party dealings do not exceed $5 million and 50% of your current year aggregated turnover?’
  • Adding a new Appendix 17 code 4 for ‘Other’ (Subdivision 832-J exceptions)
  • We also provided additional instructions and examples for label 37C (Section D: Thin Capitalisation - Asset revaluation amount for thin capitalisation purposes)

Publications and services

To obtain one of our publications referred to in these instructions or for information about our other services, see More information.

We issue public rulings setting out our policies on the taxation aspects of international related party dealings. It is recommended that if you had any international related party dealings you should be familiar with these rulings. Those public rulings include:

  • TR 2010/7 Income tax: the interaction of Division 820 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and the transfer pricing provisions
  • TR 2014/6 Income tax: transfer pricing – the application of section 815-130 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997
  • TR 2014/8 Income tax: transfer pricing documentation and Subdivision 284-E

See also: