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Objection form – for taxpayers

Taxpayers can use this form to lodge their own objection, or an objection on behalf of another individual or entity.

Last updated 23 July 2023

How to get the form

Double clicking the form won't open it. The form will not load on a mobile device, tablet or within a browser.

To complete the form, you must save it to your desktop computer or laptop (with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed).

  • To download, right click on the link below and select Save target as (or a similar option depending on your internet browser) to save it to your computer.
  • Objection form – for taxpayers (NAT 13471, PDF, 1.4MB)This link will download a file.
  • Open your saved form with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and enable JavaScript if prompted before filling in the form.
  • Once you've completed your form, save it using the Save form button at the end of the form.

Tip: Update your default app for pdf file types to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open all pdf files with Adobe Acrobat.

Object in a letter

If you can't access – or you choose not to use – our form, you can write your objection in a letter to us. If you write an objection letter, check this information carefully so your objection is valid:

Letter contents

Your objection must:

  • include full details of why you think our decision is wrong
  • contain a declaration that the information you give in the objection and supporting documentation is true and correct
  • be signed and dated.

To avoid delays, also include:

  • your full details
  • if you're representing a taxpayer objecting to a decision, the full name, contact details and tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN) of the taxpayer you are representing
  • full details of the decision you are objecting to, including the relevant year or tax period (if applicable)
  • the relevant facts, arguments, information and documents that support the reasons you disagree with our decision – this may include references to legislation, rulings, and case law
  • any supporting documents and information that relates to the decision being reviewed (we may still contact you to give more information to help us make a decision) including the    

Letter declaration

For your own objection

You must include a signed declaration with your objection, certifying that the information and documents are true and correct in the following form:

  • I certify that the information contained in this document, and any attached documents, is true and correct.
  • your signature
  • the date.

For someone else's objection

When lodging an objection on behalf of someone else, include:

  • the following declaration    
    • I certify this document and attached documents have been prepared in accordance with the information supplied by the individual or entity identified on this request and in the attached documents.
    • I have received a declaration from the individual or entity identified in this request and in the attached documents, stating that the information in each document is true and correct.
    • I am authorised by the individual or entity identified in this request and in the attached documents, to submit this objection request to the Commissioner.   
  • your signature
  • the date.

You also need to get a signed declaration from the taxpayer (or their authorised representative) that certifies that:

  • the information they gave you to prepare the objection is true and correct
  • they authorise you to submit the objection on their behalf.

You do not need to include this additional declaration with the objection but you will need to present it if we ask for it.

Lodge your objection letter

You can:

  • fax your objection to 1300 139 031
  • post your objection to:
    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3524
    ALBURY  NSW  2640