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Key financial information – items 33 to 36

Last updated 19 July 2023

Instructions to complete items 33 to 36 in the partnership tax return relating to key financial information.

33. All current assets

Show at label F all current assets of the partnership, including cash on hand, short-term bills receivable, inventories and trade debtors as shown at item 42 Trade debtors.

34. Total assets

Show at label G all of the partnership assets, including fixed, tangible and intangible assets, and all current assets as shown at item 33 All current assets.

35. All current liabilities

Show at label I the total obligations payable by the partnership in 2023–24; include the amount shown at item 43 Trade creditors.

36. Total liabilities

Show at label J all the partnership liabilities, including other creditors and deferred liabilities, such as loans secured by mortgage and long-term loans. Include the amount you show at item 35 All current liabilities.

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