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CDEP payments

Last updated 21 October 2012

What is a CDEP payment?

A CDEP payment is one of the following:

  • CDEP scheme wages

These are payments you make:

  • to participants as a wage for the work they do
  • for hours worked in excess of the CDEP 'limit'
  • to trainees under the traineeship program.
  • CDEP scheme participant supplement from a Centrelink payment

This supplement is an extra payment to make sure that someone getting a CDEP wage component is getting at least the same level of income as an unemployed person.

What is a non CDEP payment?

CDEP payments do not include the following:

  • CDEP administration amounts

These funds are used to administer the CDEP program. Depending on the size of the organisation, these funds are used for administration costs such as supervisor's wages, electricity or stationery.

  • 'Top-ups' received in addition to CDEP payments

'Top-ups' are payments for work outside the CDEP program.