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Tax consequences

Last updated 13 September 2016

Two capital gains tax (CGT) events occurred during the restructure. They were:

  1. disposal of your PBL shares, and
  2. a share capital reduction on your Crown Ltd (Crown) shares, which occurred when you received your Consolidated Media Holdings Ltd (CMH) shares.

This document will help you work out the tax consequences of these events, including your:

  • capital gain on your PBL shares if you received any cash when you disposed of them
  • capital gain (if any) on your Crown shares as a result of receiving CMH shares
  • CGT cost base records for the Crown shares you received, and
  • CGT cost base records for the CMH shares you received.

Income tax return 2007-08
You will need some or all of the capital gains information for your 2007-08 income tax return.

In addition to the capital gains listed above, you will have made a capital gain on your PBL shares when you received your Crown shares, but this will be disregarded as a consequence of choosing scrip-for-scrip rollover.

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