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Worksheet instructions

Last updated 5 March 2020

If you have more than one dividend or distribution statement, follow these steps to fill in the worksheet and calculate the amounts to show at item 11 on your application.

Step 1

Collect all the statements for dividends you received or distributions you were entitled to for the period 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2005. Using steps 2 to 4, transfer the information from each statement to the appropriate columns in the worksheet.

Step 2

Print the company or fund name shown on your statement in column 1.

Step 3

Write the amount of any unfranked (or supplementary), franked or franking credit amounts in the appropriate columns. If your dividend is from a New Zealand company, the amount of franking credits that you include must be reduced by any supplementary dividend if you have paid New Zealand non-resident withholding tax on that dividend. Do not include New Zealand imputation credits in column 4 (only include Australian franking credits).

Note: If your statement does not show the franked and unfranked portions of the dividend, include the total dividend amount in column 3 Franked amount.

Step 4

Write any TFN amounts withheld (or deducted) from dividends in column 5.

Step 5

Add up the amounts in columns 2, 3, 4 and 5 and write them at TOTAL - S, T, U and V on the worksheet.

Step 6

If you have received any dividend distributions from a managed fund or have received Australian franking credits from a dividend paid by a New Zealand company, you will need to print X at the Yes box at item 11 on your application.

Step 7

Transfer the amounts at S, T and U on your worksheet to S, T and U at item 11 on your application. Do not show any cents.

Step 8

Transfer the amount at V on your worksheet to V at item 11 on your application. Include any cents.