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How to lodge your application

Instructions for lodging your application once you have completed and signed it.

Last updated 9 August 2023

Lodging by phone

Lodging by phone will take you less than 7 minutes and we will process applications lodged by phone within 12 business days.

You will need your tax file number.

Check that you satisfy all the conditions before trying to lodge this application by phone.

  • Complete your Application for refund of franking credits for individuals 2023.
  • Phone the lodgment service on 13 28 65, provide your TFN and press 2.
  • Listen to the questions which are based on your completed application.
  • Speak naturally, as in normal conversation. There is no need to slow down.
  • Say all the numbers individually, for example, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. For 0, say ‘zero’ or ‘nought’.
  • If you need help with a question, say ‘help’.
  • If you need a question repeated, say ‘repeat’.
  • If you hear a message saying ‘I’m having trouble getting that’, the system will ask you to try again, or the service might ask you to use your phone keypad instead. Wait for the question to finish, then speak clearly when answering.
  • Listen carefully because at certain questions the information you have provided will be read back to you to allow you to confirm it is correct. If you have made a mistake you will be given the opportunity to correct the details.
  • If you hang up or have to leave the call because of a problem with the system, the information you have provided will be retained when you return to continue with your lodgment.
  • At the end of the call you will be given a receipt number to confirm that your application has been lodged. Write the number in the boxes provided on page 2 of your application above your signature.
  • Your call will be recorded in case we need to refer to it later.
  • Wait for the receipt number before you hang up. Do not post your paper application to us, but keep it for your records.

Phone lodgment benefits

  • The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (to avoid busy periods, phone before midday, after 5.00pm or on weekends).
  • It is available from anywhere in Australia.
  • Most refunds are issued within 12 business days.
  • It takes less than 7 minutes to lodge your application.
  • However, you cannot use this service to lodge for previous years – only for 2022–23.

Do we have your current name, address and financial account details? If you have changed any of these details or are unsure what details you last gave us, contact us before lodging your application by phone.

For more information, see Update your TFN details.

Lodging by post

We will process applications lodged by post within 50 business days.

You can post your application to:

Australian Taxation Office
GPO Box 9845
(insert the name and postcode of your nearest capital city)

For example:

Australian Taxation Office
GPO Box 9845

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