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Reportable tax position schedule instructions 2022

Instructions for completing the 2022 Reportable tax position schedule (NAT 74066).

Last updated 23 April 2023

Instructions for completing the Reportable tax position schedule 2022 (NAT 74066).

How to use these instructions to complete the RTP schedule and find out what's new since last year.

How to complete the RTP schedule
Work out how to complete each section in the RTP schedule and how to lodge.

Other information
How to attach additional information and make changes to your RTP schedule.

Guide to reportable tax positions
Read our guides on RTP-related issues.

Definitions used in RTP schedule
All legislative references are to the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997) unless otherwise stated.

Examples of RTP reporting
Use our examples to help you self-assess, determine group income and economic group and work out what RTPs to disclose.