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Part B: Adjustments to aggregate R&D amount of company

Last updated 11 August 2020

Item 1

Adjustments required to the company's aggregate research and development amount, for example, building expenditure, consolidated group adjustments, expenditure on foreign owned R&D

Note: Only complete this item if the company has incurred expenditure on Australian owned R&D.

Include at X item 1 other amounts that are not included in the second and third columns in part A relating to Australian owned R&D that are needed to calculate the company's aggregate research and development amount (as defined in subsection 73B(1) of the ITAA 1936). These amounts form part of the aggregate R&D amount even though they may not be deductible under section 73B of the ITAA 1936 or may not be related to Australian owned R&D. These include:

  • the total amount of any capital expenditure on buildings used for the purpose of carrying on research and development activities, deductible under Division 43 of the ITAA 1997
  • for companies that are lodging a return regarding income and deductions for a period before or after they joined a consolidated group, the additional aggregate research and development amount calculated in accordance with section 716-850 of the ITAA 1997

and may also include some expenditures on foreign owned R&D.

Include also at X item 1 any positive or negative adjustments that may need to be made to the aggregate research and development amount where a company has a transitional substituted accounting period in the year of income, and where the amounts reported in columns 2 and 3 of part A relate to a period that is less or more than 12 months. The aggregate research and development amount is calculated by reference to the 12-month period that is the tax offset year or year of income.