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Table 21: Calculation of the amount of deductions eligible for the R&D tax offset

Last updated 1 June 2010

R&D claim:

L from part A or the amount from step 3, if applicable



Australian owned R&D - extra incremental 50% deduction:

M in part D of the Research and development tax concession schedule 2010



Amount eligible for R&D tax offset

(g + h).



Transfer the amount at C in table 21 to:



If you write an amount at Y R&D tax offset, if chosen item 7 on page 5 of the Company tax return 2010, the company may be taken to have chosen the R&D tax offset instead of the tax deduction. If you do not wish to choose the tax offset, do not show any amount at Y R&D tax offset, if chosen.

End of attention

Calculate the amount of the R&D tax offset the company can claim as follows, using table 22:

amount eligible for tax offset 30%

which is the amount at Y R&D tax offset, if chosen item 7, multiplied by 30%.