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B Gross rent and other leasing and hiring income

Last updated 12 February 2019

Did the SMSF earn income from renting, leasing or hiring of land, buildings or other assets?


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Write at B the total income that the SMSF earned from renting, leasing and hiring of land, buildings and other assets. The amount at B should not be reduced by any loss or outgoing related to the income.

If you include an amount at B that is exempt current pension income, include it also at Y Exempt current pension income.

Do not include at B rental, leasing or hiring income that is:

  • derived from foreign sources (write it at D1 Gross foreign income)
  • part of a distribution from a partnership (write it at I Gross distribution from partnerships)
  • included in a share of net income from a trust (write it at M Gross trust distributions)
  • non-arm's-length income of a complying SMSF (write it at U3 Net other non-arm's-length income).
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Example: Rent, leasing or hiring income

In 2014–15, SMSF B rented a house (at arm's length) to a tenant. The tenant paid a total of $15,000 in rent.

SMSF B reports $15,000 at B Gross rent and other leasing and hiring income.

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