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M Collectables and personal use assets

Last updated 24 March 2021

Did the SMSF own any collectables or personal use assets?


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Write at M the total value (on 30 June 2016) of the SMSF's collectable and personal use asset investments.

Collectable and personal use asset include:

  • artwork
  • jewellery
  • antiques
  • artefacts
  • coins, medallions and bank notes
  • postage stamps and first day covers
  • rare folios, manuscripts and books
  • memorabilia
  • wine and spirits
  • motor vehicles
  • recreational boats
  • memberships of sporting and social clubs.

Artwork includes a painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving or photograph or a reproduction of one of these things and any property of a similar description or use.

Coins and bank notes are collectables if their value exceeds their face value.

Spirits can include (but is not limited to) whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, brandy and rum where their purchase is considered an investment.

Do not include collectables and personal use assets that are held on trust under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement at M (write the value of these at J6).