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I Unlisted shares

Last updated 24 March 2021

Did the SMSF own any unlisted shares, equities or similar financial contracts that are not traded on Australian stock exchanges?


Leave I blank. Go to J1 to J Limited recourse borrowing arrangement.


Read on.

Write at I the value (on 30 June 2017) of shares, equities and similar financial contracts held by the SMSF that are not listed on Australian stock exchanges.

Do not include at I:

  • investments in unlisted trusts here (include these at B Unlisted trusts in 15a)
  • unlisted shares that are held on trust under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (include the value of these at J4 Australian shares).

If the SMSF is complying and non-arm's-length dividends were paid to the SMSF from a private company include them at U1 Net non-arm's-length private company dividends in Section B.