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G Other third party contributions

Last updated 24 March 2021

Did the SMSF receive other third party contributions for the member?


Leave G blank. Go to I.


Read on.

Write at G the total value of all of the following third-party contributions the SMSF received for the member in 2016–17:

  • contributions made by the member’s former spouse
  • contributions made by the member's current spouse who is now living separately and apart from the member on a permanent basis
  • contributions made by any other person (excluding the member's employer) seeking to benefit the member where the member is 18 years of age or over
  • contributions made by another third party contributor acting under an obligation to contribute for the member, for example    
    • an insurance company where the member’s policy provides for payment of super contributions in the event of sickness or incapacity
    • a government agency making a super contribution under a scheme to compensate injured or incapacitated workers (such as WorkCover Victoria)
    • the ATO or other government agency required to compensate the member through super contributions for errors in their administration of the law
    • a deceased estate where the entitlement is only to a super contribution (the member cannot direct that their share in the estate be paid to them personally).

Do not include at G:

  • contributions that you must include at another contribution question A to M
  • contributions made for a member who is under 18 years old (include these at F Spouse and child contributions or A Employer contributions).