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2007 Standard distribution statement: guidance notes for fund managers

Standard distribution statement for use by managed funds to report tax information to investors.

Last updated 20 June 2007


The 2007 Standard distribution statement is the format recommended by the Tax Office and the Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA) for disclosure by managed funds of tax information to resident individuals for completion of 2007 tax returns, relevant schedules and other requirements.

The 2007 standard format has been developed to address any confusion experienced by managed fund investors in completing their tax returns. The standardisation of terms and presentation used in trust distribution statements to unit holders should reduce the confusion experienced and promote consistency. The input of the Australian Shareholders Association and Australian Independent Retirees Association in developing this agreed format is appreciated.

The 2007 Standard distribution statement has amounts included by way of example which are referred to in the Guidance Notes which follow the statement.

The 2007 version has a few changes:

  • Part B now lists all of the capital gains methods
  • Part C has become Part D
  • a new Part C has been inserted so that the information for the capital gains question is in its own part
  • a non-compulsory new Item 'Less other allowable trust deductions' has been included in Part D.