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Part B: Capital gains tax information

Last updated 31 May 2011


Capital gains
These items provide tax figures for the break up of item 18 Total current year capital gains shown in part A. They are also necessary for unit holders with capital losses to offset and to complete the Capital gains tax (CGT) schedule (NAT 3423).

We have assumed that the managed fund has no capital gains from collectables and the small business capital gains concessions are not applicable.

Line 1: Capital gains, discounted method

This amount is the 'grossed-up' discounted capital gain (that is, in our example, $70 x 2). It would help unit holders understand instructions and guides if the words 'grossed-up amount' were placed next to this figure.

Line 2: Capital gains, other method

This figure is taken from the Taxable amount column of the capital gains section in part C.

Line 3: Total current year capital gains

This amount is shown in brackets in the Taxable amount column in part C.

Line 4: Capital gains tax (CGT) concession amount

This figure is taken from the Cash distribution column in part C.

Line 5: Tax-deferred

This figure is taken from the Cash distribution column of the 'Other non-assessable amounts' section in Part C.