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Last updated 20 July 2023

Online services

You can use our online services to view your loan balance and other information, such as your payment reference number (PRN) and voluntary repayment options.

You can also complete a Non-lodgment advice to notify us that you do not need to lodge a tax return for a particular year.

To access our online services for individuals, you need to create a myGovExternal Link account and link it to the ATO.

If you already have a myGov account linked to the ATO, you can log in at any time.

As your loan information is transferred to us from other government agencies, there may be a delay between when you incur the loan and when it is reflected in your loan balance.

At any time during the year, you can phone us to request a statement.


  • 13 28 61 for information about HELP, VSL, SFSS, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL or TSL and personal tax topics. We can help you         
    • understand how repayments are calculated and how indexation works
    • get the balance of your account
    • confirm a voluntary repayment
    • confirm your HELP, VSL, SFSS, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL or TSL PRN
    • order a HELP, VSL, SFSS, SSL, ABSTUDY SSL or TSL account information statement
  • 1300 650 225 for help with          
    • the effect of bankruptcy on your debt
    • partial deferments
    • completing the Defer or amend your compulsory repayment or overseas levy (NAT 2471) form.

Note: If you are calling from overseas, phone +61 2 6216 1111 then ask for the Loan Account Service Delivery line on 1300 650 225.