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Superannuation lump sum schedule

Use the Superannuation lump sum schedule if you received 2 or more super lump sum payments.

Last updated 29 May 2024

Get the super lump sum schedule

Go to Superannuation lump sum scheduleThis link opens in a new window on our Publications Ordering Service (POS) at to get a copy.

What you will need

You will need your PAYG payment summary – superannuation lump sum.

Help completing the super lump sum schedule

For help to complete the schedule, see question  8 Australian superannuation lump sum payments 2024 of the individual income tax return instructions.

You can use this form for any income year. Complete the section Superannuation lump sum schedule for year ending 30 June with the relevant income year.

For help completing the form for a prior income year, see Prior year tax return forms and schedules.