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Tax return for individuals 2023

Use this form to lodge a paper tax return for individuals 2023 by mail. Most returns are processed within 50 days.

Last updated 24 May 2023

Get the form

Download: Tax return for individuals 2023 (NAT 2541, PDF 731KB)This link will download a file.

What you can do with this form

Using the tax return for individuals, you can:

  • download a copy of the form, print it and complete your tax return by paper
  • lodge your tax return by mail.

Help completing this form

To help you complete your tax return, you may need the Individual tax return instructions 2023.

You may also need a copy of the supplementary tax return. Find out, Will you need the Individual tax return instructions supplement 2023?

Other ways to lodge a tax return

To get your refund faster – generally within 2 weeks – lodge online with myTax.

Lodge now with myTax

For details about the personal information we collect from you see, Privacy notice – Individual tax return and schedules.

What else you can do

You can also have a copy sent to you by email or post by ordering through our publications ordering serviceExternal Link. You can request:

  • Tax return for individuals 2023 (NAT 2541)
  • Individual tax return instructions 2023 (NAT 71050) – this includes the instructions and 2 tax return for individuals forms.