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Download TaxPack and forms

Last updated 6 November 2014

TaxPack 2002

You can download TaxPack 2002This link will download a file (1.5MB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

TaxPack 2002 supplement

You can also download TaxPack 2002 supplementThis link will download a file (763kB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

TaxPack 2002 for retirees

You can download TaxPack 2002 for retireesThis link will download a file (1.6MB) in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Tax return forms and schedules

Tax return forms

2002 non-lodgment advice

Use this form to notify the Tax Office that you are not required to lodge a return for 2001-02.

2002 return for individualsThis link will download a file

2002 return for individuals (supplementary section)This link will download a file

2002 tax return for retirees This link will download a file

Other schedules

2002 business and professional items instructions and schedule (NAT 2543-6.2002)

Use this schedule to complete item 14-Net income or loss from business-in the 2002 return for individuals (supplementary section).

Capital allowances schedule and instructions 2002 (NAT 4089-6.2002)

If you have made a claim of more than $1000 for the decline in value of depreciating assets, you may be required to complete this schedule. Refer to the instructions for more information.

Family Tax Benefit (NAT 4108-6.2002)

The short and long claim forms to use if you wish to claim Family Tax Benefit through the taxation system.

If you or your spouse had a baby or gained legal responsibility for a child aged under 5 - for example, through adoption - after 20 June 2001, you may be entitled to claim the baby bonus.

Statutory declaration for payment summaries that are lost or destroyed.

Referred publications and rulings

Not everything can be covered in TaxPack. Sometimes, you will be referred to other publications that will help you to understand your tax obligations and complete your tax return. Some publications are essential to complete some items.

All the publications and rulings referred to in TaxPack are listed in TaxPack referred publications and rulings.