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Other options for doing your tax return

Last updated 6 November 2014

Tax Help community volunteers

If you are a low income earner, and you want to complete your own tax return, application for a refund of imputation credits or baby bonus claim - but think you may need some assistance - Tax Help may be the answer.

Our network of community volunteers are trained and supported by the Tax Office to help you.

This free and confidential service is available for people on low incomes-including those who are also seniors, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with a disability, Aboriginal people, Torres Strait Islander people and students.

Volunteers can explain your tax obligations and help you prepare your tax return accurately. They can help people with income from Australian and overseas pensions, salary or wages, interest, dividends and government allowances and benefits. Volunteers cannot help with more complex tax affairs such as rental properties and business income.

There are Tax Help centres throughout Australia. If you want to visit one of the trained volunteers you need to make an appointment first. You need to bring TaxPack and all relevant papers with you when you visit.

The Tax Help program is available between July and October each year.

Registered tax agents

A registered tax agent can prepare and lodge your tax return for a tax deductible fee. A list of registered agents can be found on this website or you can check with the Tax Agents' Board in your State on 1300 362 829. If you did not go to a tax agent last year-or you will be going to a different tax agent this year-make sure that you see them before 31 October 2002.