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Completing the schedule

Last updated 14 April 2020

  1. Determine your residency for tax purposes for the period(s) during 2005–06 that you were in the JPDA then complete this schedule.
  2. Attach the completed schedule to page 3 of your tax return.
  3. Print X in the YES box at Taxpayer's declaration question 2a on page 8 of your tax return.

Schedule of additional information – item 19 – Joint Petroleum Development Area

I declare that I worked in the joint petroleum development area.


Tax file number:____ ____ ____

Choose from the following:

a. I was a resident of Australia for the whole year.

b. I was a resident of Timor-Leste for the whole year.

c. I was a resident of a country other than Australia or Timor-Leste for the whole year.

d. I changed my residence during the income year (please provide details of the dates that cover each period).

Dates (day, month, year) Country

01/07/2005 to __/__/20__ ___________________

__/__/20__ to __/__/20__ ___________________

__/__/20__ to __/__/20__ ___________________

__/__/20__ to __/__/20__ ___________________

__/__/20__ to __/__/20__ ___________________