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Annual trustee payment report information

Last updated 11 February 2019

This section is to be completed by all closely held trusts (including family trusts) which are subject to the TFN withholding rules for closely held trusts that have:

  • made payments during the income year, or
  • withheld amounts from payments made to beneficiaries.

Show an amount at S where you have made one or more distributions during the income year that are wholly or partly from the ordinary or statutory income of the trust for that year and the total of those distributions exceeds the beneficiary's share of the net income of the trust shown at item 65. Only include at S the amount by which these distributions exceed the beneficiary's share of the net income.

Show at T the amounts withheld from all payments or distributions to the beneficiary, where the beneficiary's TFN was not provided to you, this includes amounts withheld from payments during the year or as a result of determining present entitlement at the end of the year. Do not show at T the beneficiary's share of amounts that were reported at O item 8 - these are included at O item 65.

For more information about the TFN Withholding Rules for closely held trusts, refer to appendix 12.